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Romi and Jonathan

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Our Story

Romi and Jonathan met in the summer of 2017 in San Diego, California. Jon had recently obtained his Ph.D. in chemical engineering and was working as a research scientist, and Romi had just finished her post-doctoral fellowship in psychology. They instantly bonded over their love of childhood Nintendo games, sci-fi/fantasy novels, and their desire to see the world (starting with the parts of it where their favorite movies were filmed). Two years into their relationship, they planned a trip to Armenia, Romi's ancestral homeland. There, nestled in the mountainside overlooking the 9th Century Tatev Monastery, Jon proposed to her. Two years of planning, two moves, a reluctant postponement, and one rambunctious puppy later, Romi and Jon could not be more excited for their big day. The bride and groom are truly looking forward to celebrating their love with those who mean the most to them. Thank you for being the pillars of support that have brought them to this point in their journeys.